Santita and Devin

Wedding Date: April 18, 2015

I had the pleasure of assisting one of my wedding coordinators Mrs. Miranda Stewart with a wedding/reception at River Landing Clubhouse in Wallace, NC. I came in on the day of and helped with decorations for the wedding and reception. It was my pleasure working with everyone on this event and seeing that BIG smile on the bride face was #priceless!


  1. by Caroline Smith on April 20, 2015  11:06 am Reply

    The wedding for Tia and Devin turned out beautifully. The decorations were tasteful and matched the theme perfect! It was very well organized! Made the whole event seem effortless! Great job!

  2. by Christophe Rose (Officiant) on April 22, 2015  4:42 pm Reply

    Outstanding service, very organized, and diverse approach to the setting. I had the pleasure of seeing there work up close. I love the structure, punctual, and warm atmosphere.

  3. by Santita Rose on April 29, 2015  2:54 am Reply

    Miranda and Felecia did an amazing job! I was very hands on from start to finish with this wedding. They knew exactly what I wanted and expected for my wedding. I spent too many hours to count with Miranda planning and making sure everything was coming together. It was very comforting to have someone along the way making sure nothing was forgotten. When it came down to the actual wedding day, Miranda and Felecia handled everything allowing me to not worry and be relaxed. Both of these wonderful women are very professional and stayed on top of everything throughout the entire event. Couldn't have asked for anything more!

    • by Felecia Thompson on April 29, 2015  12:58 pm Reply

      Thanks Tia for allowing me to take part in your special day! It was my pleasure working with you because it's always good to work with a bride that knows what she wants and how she wants it. Seeing that BIG smile on your face was priceless!

  4. by Cassie Wilson on May 8, 2015  1:04 pm Reply

    The wedding for Tia and Devin was absolutely beautiful! Everything ran smoothly and looked beautiful! It was very classy and elegant.

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